Cinema en Plein Air

Paris is home to a wealth of new and old cinematic wonders. In 1895 the first ever public film screening was shown in the capital, and an archive of classics are set here; A bout de soufflé, Before Sunrise and Amélie are three in a long list of Parisian movie treats. The Cinémathèque Francaise hosts … Continue reading

Paris beauty: the city’s treasure troves

I was ready to get all creative to justify this girly article to the powers that be at CheckYourRoom. Turns out, there was no convincing needed – these are some real gentlemen in charge, and good humor abounds in their offices. Of course, they also couldn’t argue with my city expertise 😉 So here’s my … Continue reading

Street art goes green

It’s become a frequent motif in contemporary art: using modern materials to draw our attention to nature. One recent example is the Gates Christo installed in Central Park in February 2005 (see picture below). We’ve also grown accustomed to the contrast of modern objects placed in ancient structures. Here too, Christo was a pioneer, with … Continue reading

News brief: Five masterpieces stolen from a Paris museum

Credit: AP / Jacques Brinon It’s the kind of story you’d think only belongs in mystery books – the kind of plot reminiscent of that retro hero of French novels, Arsene Lupin, “gentleman burglar”, thief in white gloves. To me, art thefts have always had this curious blend of crime and romance. It’s silly and … Continue reading

A Department Store Dilemma: How to Choose?

Shopping in Paris usually conjures up ideas of darling little boutiques and sprawling flea markets, places that afford discovery and personal triumphs such as, “I know this fantastic shop in the 4th that you just have to go to” or “this old thing? I picked it up the last time I was in Paris.” Whereas … Continue reading

Overheard in Paris – A taxicab moment

1.20 am, two days ago, headed home in a taxi. It was raining on Paris and its Alexandre III bridge. “I started this job because I was in love with a taxi driver”, she tells me. “Then we broke up, and I left the job… And then after a while I picked it up again.” … Continue reading

Gossip Girl comes to Paris

It’s my favorite guilty pleasure, my switch-off moment of the week. The clothes, the colorful tights, the gorgeous handbags, the hair! The Upper East Side and its gala events! The Chuck Bass, that enticing caricature, decadent hotel mogul in purple robes! (We have our own hotel moguls here at CheckYourRoom, but goddammit they never wear … Continue reading

Karl Lagerfeld x Diet Coke: one bottle, two icons

The ad is suddenly all over Paris streets: on our newspaper kiosks, in subway stations, at our bus stops. Diet Coke by Karl Lagerfeld. It’s the designer’s latest high-profile collaboration, and it’s a fitting one. He’s been an ardent advocate of Coca-Cola Light (as it’s known here in France) ever since he lost those 90 … Continue reading

Paris #MusicFriday – Louvre Edition

If you haven’t been to the Louvre for a while, we found just the guys to walk you through your classics. Take a look at this hilarious videoclip. They’re called Hold Your Horses, they’re franco-american, and we think they do a great impersonation of the Scream! How many paintings can you name? Happy weekend! If … Continue reading

Paris #MusicFriday

These two songs seemed to us a good combination to celebrate this spring. It’s a time of renewal, a cusp between the past and future. Paris can cater to both moods – optimism and nostalgia. Walkabout on top of the world… Atlas Sound – Walkabout (Feat Panda Bear) – … come home at the end of … Continue reading