Margaritas at Anahuacalli

It was the idea of an American friend living in Paris: he wanted some Mexican food, and it was quite a challenge. By and large, Paris is just not great at Mexican cuisine. Few restaurants offer it, and the Tex-Mex addresses that flourished in the 90s are all long gone. But I’m a good friend, … Continue reading

A taste of America: Bud, burgers and brownies

Ask any Parisian what he thinks of New York, and you will be met, almost invariably, with an unadulterated rave: “J’adooooore New York!” Cue wild love-induced eyeroll and an instant list of said Parisian’s favorite NYC hangouts (they’re all in SoHo). In fact, loving New York is a full-fledged Parisian snobisme. Nobody said it better … Continue reading

Pretty Parisian Pressing

Who doesn’t love a city where even the laundromats are beautiful? This ivy drenched dry cleaner is located just down the street from the Museum of Hunting and Nature and just around the corner from the Marché des Enfants Rouges (FYI Stay tuned for our upcoming spread on this eclectic little market)!

Paris in bloom: strolling around the 5th

Because I’m going to argue that spring is Paris’ best season. Exhibit A: a walk in the Jardin des Plantes There were tourists; there were also local kids taking a study break in this gorgeous park of the 5th arrondissement. Jess already wrote a wonderful piece – with fantastic pictures – on the Natural History … Continue reading

The Natural History Museum

Though possibly a bit less pursued than its glamorous and gleaming counterparts in the repertoire of Parisian museums, the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle—and particularly the Galerie d’Anatomie Comparée et de Paléontologie—is a gem among them perhaps precisely because it lacks the sheen typical of tourist hotspots. Nestled in the well-groomed grounds of the Jardin des … Continue reading