A taste of America: Bud, burgers and brownies

Ask any Parisian what he thinks of New York, and you will be met, almost invariably, with an unadulterated rave: “J’adooooore New York!” Cue wild love-induced eyeroll and an instant list of said Parisian’s favorite NYC hangouts (they’re all in SoHo). In fact, loving New York is a full-fledged Parisian snobisme. Nobody said it better … Continue reading

Chateaubriand: Affordable Haute Cuisine

When Chateaubriand was nominated the number 11 restaurant in the world by the World’s Best Restaurant Awards 2010, sponsored by San Pellegrino, I was shocked. It was the first restaurant on the list for all of France, let alone Paris. Not even any of Alain Ducasse’s brainchildren could top this small restaurant in the 11th. … Continue reading

Sweaty Diversions in the City of Lights: how Parisians are adapting to modern exercise trends.

In honor of Fashion Week in Paris, a time when models, designers, and clothes horses assume layers upon layers of the chicest garments, I thought I would take the opportunity to write about those rare and shining moments when Parisians choose to undress themselves. The culture of being clothed in Paris is completely antithetical to … Continue reading