Yves Saint Laurent at the Petit Palais

I had already been to the Yves Saint Laurent retrospective when it opened in March, but craving another look, I strolled over to the Petit Palais expecting to be ushered straight in. An hour and a half later I was still in the queue. It is a testament to both the wonderful curation of the … Continue reading

A Department Store Dilemma: How to Choose?

Shopping in Paris usually conjures up ideas of darling little boutiques and sprawling flea markets, places that afford discovery and personal triumphs such as, “I know this fantastic shop in the 4th that you just have to go to” or “this old thing? I picked it up the last time I was in Paris.” Whereas … Continue reading

Sweaty Diversions in the City of Lights: how Parisians are adapting to modern exercise trends.

In honor of Fashion Week in Paris, a time when models, designers, and clothes horses assume layers upon layers of the chicest garments, I thought I would take the opportunity to write about those rare and shining moments when Parisians choose to undress themselves. The culture of being clothed in Paris is completely antithetical to … Continue reading