Andrée Putman

Andrée Putman, a ” national living treasure” as former Minister of Culture Jack Lang puts it, is finally in the spotlight at the city hall. Known for the eclecticism of her projects as well as for her elegant yet sober style, Putman has been working as an interior architect and designer for the last 30 years. Recognised in America before being … Continue reading


A thought kept recurring to me as I wandered around this exhibition: only kids are this imaginative. Yet sixty-three year old Takeshi Kitano can hardly be classified as a child, although he can be described as a filmmaker, actor, TV presenter, comedian, painter and writer. At the Fondation Cartier, this multi-talented man has created a site-specific … Continue reading

The Apple’s Design Zeitgeist

I must admit that I’ve long been a devoted MacHead. Since I’m also a tech guy with a scientific background, I guess I’m typically more interested in how well it works rather than in how good it looks. Naturally, I was in attendance when the first Apple Store opened in the Louvre; now, when a … Continue reading