Embryolisse: French Miracle Cream

Absolutely inexcusable. Downright unjustifiable. My friends, there was an omission in my little pharmacy checklist of the other day. And a major one at that. And so here I am, ready to make things right again with a front-page correction. It’s not just out of some sort of puritanical journalistic reflex; it’s also just cause … Continue reading

L’Avant-Comptoir: they’re not tapas, they’re little bites of French love

Credit: Alexander Lobrano It went like this: my friends were running late, and I had a half-hour to kill before dinner in the Odeon neighborhood. So here I was, Les Editeurs right in front of me – a tried and tested cafe where I could order a Perrier while I waited. And right across the … Continue reading

Paris beauty: the city’s treasure troves

I was ready to get all creative to justify this girly article to the powers that be at CheckYourRoom. Turns out, there was no convincing needed – these are some real gentlemen in charge, and good humor abounds in their offices. Of course, they also couldn’t argue with my city expertise 😉 So here’s my … Continue reading

La Patisserie des Reves: the stuff dreams are made on

My advice here is real simple, so let’s get it out of the way straight off: do not mind the glass jars. I say that as a dessert-lover and consummate sweet tooth. I can easily imagine how cakes under glass domes might come off: cold, disincarnate, pretentious, French (not in a good way). Ever so … Continue reading

Carette: coffee, macaroons, Americans and old ladies

It’s a standard of the Trocadero area, an old-world tearoom with a reputation for pastries and macaroons. I remember an aunt taking me there for breakfast – toast for her, almond croissant for me – when I was a child. Carette has been there since the 1920s (um, not that I was a child back … Continue reading

A taste of America: Bud, burgers and brownies

Ask any Parisian what he thinks of New York, and you will be met, almost invariably, with an unadulterated rave: “J’adooooore New York!” Cue wild love-induced eyeroll and an instant list of said Parisian’s favorite NYC hangouts (they’re all in SoHo). In fact, loving New York is a full-fledged Parisian snobisme. Nobody said it better … Continue reading

Café gourmand – Live like a Parisian, order like a Parisian.

A café gourmand is the heavenly alliance of coffee and sweets. A cup of espresso surrounded by sweet nothings – bite-sized versions of several desserts. Its origins were modest – it started out with a chocolate or two, a macaroon and maybe a small cookie.