Profile: Founder of Mirabile Travel, "Marvelous to Say, See, and Do". About: Mirabile Dictu Visu et Factu is inspired by Virgil’s Aeneid. At the beginning of book 7, Virgil paints a vivid word picture of the relationship of a bee swarm to a laurel tree followed by a cheeky exclamation “mirabile dictu!” or “marvelous to say”. The things is, “marvelous to say” doesn’t quite cover all the wonderful curiosities that the world holds. Hence, “marvelous to say, see, and do”, because isn’t it marvelous to learn the oddities of a foreign language? To people watch at the world’s biggest American car show? To gallop through canola fields in Spain? Yes, it’s all truly marvelous. Though Mirabile Travel developed in Paris, its subjects now encompass the world. Special interests include foreign languages, international junk food, sailing, curious critters, hot restaurants, and beautiful graffiti. Regions of particular interest include the francophone world, horse country Virginia, and just about any island. For other published work on Paris, check out my articles on CheckYourParis and my guide to Paris on Urban Travel Blog.

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