Jerome Mesnager

Jerome Mesnager’s distinctive ‘Corps Blanc’ inhabits the streets of Paris, wander and you will find him climbing, wrestling, dancing, leaping and juggling. Resembling an artist’s mannequin, he bedecks walls, shopfronts, shutters and doorways throughout Paris. Each of these ‘canvases’ is chosen with upmost precision, the older the better, the derelict and ramshackle being Mesnager’s favourite surfaces. “More and more I find debris interesting,” he says. “It has color and an atmosphere that carries emotion.”

He creates the figures quickly (they take 26 seconds according to the artist) giving them a sense of spontaneity to match their eclectic locations. The first ‘Corps Blanc’ was painted in Paris in 1983. The works would often disappear almost as quickly as they sprung up, but thank to a growing appreciation and acclaim for his work, instead of being painted over, most now see it as an honor to find a ‘Corps Blanc’ at their door .

Charlotte and Laurent Inchauspé liked Jerome Mesnager’s street art so much that they invited him to paint a series of the ‘Corps Blanc’ in their hotel, the ‘Hotel des Académies et des Arts’. Take a look at the end results in our favourite room.


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