Designer’s Days Paris – 62 Hot-Spots – 5 Days of Delightful Design

Like a hot air balloon, like a mindless cloud, like a chef’s tuque, the “Vapeur” lamp from Inga Sempe is  but one of the surprising objects that have blossomed around Paris these last couple of days. But of Course, it’s because it’s the Designer’s Days! From June 9th to 14th, more than 60 design stores and boutiques open their doors to showcase what they have best. Trust me, some of it is good, real good. And no, I’m not just talking about the food and champagne they give you to lure you in!

Designer's Days CheckYourParis

If you’re on the Rive Droite, the right-hand side of the Seine, you might want to stop by Baccarat’s Moonlit Garden, where the crystal creations, and the building itself, overwhelm you with poetry as you walk the starry corridor or enter the never-ending mirrors in the bathrooms (well worth a look!). Or, if you’re closer to the Madeleine or the Palais Royal, you could waltz from Christofle’s silver Vertigo to the Ateliers de Sevres’ ceramic in just a two-step! Walk a bit further over to the Bastille and discover a garden-in-a-bubble in the Gallery S.Bensimon, where plates are made of food and chairs are made of waste.

Designer Days CheckYourParis

If, instead, you are on the Rive Gauche, be sure to walk along the Boulevard Saint Germain and let yourself be tempted into the different worlds created each of the designer boutiques, whether it be the celebratory balloons of multi-coloured Kartell or the large white sofas and oversized white pots and red flowers… Maxalto, Cassina, Boffi, Silvera or Roche Bobois are just a few in the area, but there are many more places to see…

And why not, while you’re at it, discover another part of Paris? Under the burning week-end sun, a quick dip into the design pool can be nothing but good, for the mind and the body! But hurry, it’s only on until Monday..! Check out the program “here”:

By Emma P.


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