Embryolisse: French Miracle Cream

Absolutely inexcusable. Downright unjustifiable. My friends, there was an omission in my little pharmacy checklist of the other day. And a major one at that. And so here I am, ready to make things right again with a front-page correction. It’s not just out of some sort of puritanical journalistic reflex; it’s also just cause I’m a girl. And a girl needs her basics and her beauty tricks. Embryolisse is one of them.

It also happens to be a cult French product. And as a Paris beauty tip and jewel of French knowhow, it deserves a spot on our daily list of this city’s very best.

You’ve most likely heard of this cream already: it’s one of those star products that’s been lauded in every magazine, by beauty editors and bloggers the world over. For the past two years I’ve been reading that it’s a staple, a basic, what have you – I even read somewhere that “Embryolisse is the new black” (which is a bit exaggerated. Don’t get me wrong, Embryolisse, Parisians love you, but we love black more). Jane Birkin uses it (Paris stamp of chic), models swear by it (skincare stamp of cool). Anyways, I’m not one to go after every beauty fad, so I never paid much attention to the hype. But then I kept noticing it in the toolkit of makeup artists around town. I picked up a sample one day when my skin was feeling tired and ready for some TLC. Ah-ha. Now I paid attention.

It doesn’t really look it at first sight, but this product is known as the “Miracle Cream” in the US. For its soothing, repairing properties. The formula is dead simple, the tube is so plain – this one is all about rustic pleasures. It’s extremely comfy, a great cream to replenish your skin. Dry skins can use it everyday; others will want to keep it for harsh winter mornings, airplane flights, and the occasional mask. And it’s also got a couple other functions: it doubles (well, triples) up as a makeup base (for those evenings you want to go all out), a makeup remover (on a cotton swab), and even as an after-shave for men.

The Miracle Cream is a hard find elsewhere in the world, a mail-order hassle to get your hands on. But in Paris you’ll find it waiting for you in most pharmacies. It’s a nice little tidbit to pick up next time you visit, a dash of French chic in your beauty bag.

2 Responses to “Embryolisse: French Miracle Cream”
  1. Soma says:

    Hmm…”embryo”-lisse. I can see why it isn’t sold in the U.S.!

  2. I have never heard of this cream until now. Thank you for sharing this valuable information. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for it now. =)

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