Margaritas at Anahuacalli

It was the idea of an American friend living in Paris: he wanted some Mexican food, and it was quite a challenge. By and large, Paris is just not great at Mexican cuisine. Few restaurants offer it, and the Tex-Mex addresses that flourished in the 90s are all long gone. But I’m a good friend, and, I’d like to believe, an even better dinner companion! So I did my research, and I’m proud to report that it was a success.

We booked a table at Anahuacalli – a small restaurant of the 5th arrondissement run by a Mexican family. The food was delicious, and it’s the top Mexican address I’d recommend in this city. Authenticity is the watchword: the décor is old-fashioned, but the food feels home-cooked. And above all, this is the spot for the best of my favorite cocktail: fantastic margaritas.

Anahuacalli’s giant margaritas - Credit: rMen on

I’ve mentioned before how I’m not a cocktail person (but can be persuaded). Margaritas are something else – I like that they’re sour and salty instead of being sweet like many concoctions. I like that, when well done, they’re tangy and strong. Anahuacalli’s are just perfect – and those who’ve tasted them agree that they’re the best in town. They’re even a tad excessive, and that’s the beauty of them. Served in giant glasses – or, if you’re feeling very festive, a giant pitcher. Classic and – be careful! – potent. The perfect accompaniment to those enchiladas. The only downside? After this, the watered-down slush served in most trendy places just won’t do anymore…


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