Bag love: Cabas Ka

Here’s one thing you should know about me: I looove handbags. Contrary to many women, I love them more than shoes. Don’t get me wrong – I looove shoes, too. But I just find handbags irresistible. For any city girl, they’re like a home away from home. A good handbag should be an enabler, a partner in crime. It can’t weigh you down. It can’t be cumbersome. No, a good handbag needs three things. It needs functionality. It needs a kind of cosiness (home, I tell you). And it needs style.

Caba Ka CheckYourParis

Well here’s my new love: it’s called the Cabas Ka, and it’s a classic of French designer Paule Ka. It’s been around for a couple of years already, but I was busy elsewhere – lusting after other models. Then the other day, I noticed a girl at the gym stuffing her sweater into a lovely heap of supple black leather. That’s some Paris elegance right there, the carelessness with which she threw her bag onto the floor and went on with her business. Somewhere in my reptilian brain the info flashed – hmm… Paule Ka. A few days later, I caught a picture of the same bag in a magazine – but in a summery beige leather. And so next time I passed in front of a Paule Ka boutique, I had to stop and take a look. And once I had looked, it was very hard to resist.

Cabas Ka CheckYourParisIt’s soft, it’s discreet, it’s spacious. The leather is plush and smooth. It zips up. It’s not on every girl’s arm. It’s chic, but the design is young and fresh – a welcome change from the overdone it-bags of recent years. Above all, it’s so simple, and so light. To me, this is a lovely piece of French design that hasn’t been overexposed. Forget chains, padlocks, and zippers in every corner. Da Vinci said it all: simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. So there. I tried it on, and I was a goner.


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