Nuit du Gateau: first-ever Cake Night in Paris

Nuit du Gâteau CheckYourParis

Leave it to the French to come up with something as exquisite, as beautifully indulgent as “Cake Night”. Think about it. Nuit du Gateau. It’s rich and kooky all at once. It holds all kinds of funny promises.

And it gets even better. Because it’s not just random, regular, boring ol’ cake night (whatever that may be). It’s Maison du Chocolat Cake Night. In chocolate-world, it’s a little as if Chanel was holding Handbag Night.

La Maison du Chocolat is a household name in luxury chocolates, a classic born right here in Paris in the 1970s. Its ganaches are always perfect, its champagne truffles are beautiful at Christmastime, and my personal favorite is the coconut bouchee. It reminds me of something from my childhood that I’ve never quite managed to grasp, and it comes back to tease me then runs away at every bite. These days, I’m dying to try their summer creations – grouped under the very Mediterranean name of La Garrigue, presented in sunny yellow boxes, and infused with southern flavors like olive oil, marzipan, and apricot. Just writing this is making me feel like a kid again, on vacation by the sea. All this to say, their chocolate is smooth, intense, sophisticated, and among Paris’ best.*

Well Maison du Chocolat is holding its first-ever Cake Night, and it’s this evening – June 3rd. The adventure begins in Paris, before similar events in Tokyo and New York branches. Starting at 7pm, the Paris boutiques will be holding cake and pastry tastings. That includes the house classics – chocolate tart, chocolate eclair – as well as seasonal creations. And here’s the star of the day, that’ll be making its debut today:

Nuit du Gateau CheckYourParis

It’s been dubbed the “sTARTElette”. It’s a clunky name, but it looks like ganache heaven. It’s got touches of passion fruit, ginger, and pepper. One journalist called it a “pleasure bomb” (yes, she did). Maison du Chocolat’s experts say it is “sublime”. I say this must be verified…

Footnotes – Nuit du Gateau takes place this Thursday June 3rd. From 7 pm to midnight at the flagship Maison du Chocolat store, at 8 boulevard de la Madeleine in the 9th.  From 7-9 pm at all other boutiques in Paris. And don’t worry if you can’t make it – the sTARTElette will be available until June 13th.

* I say among Paris’ best. I have specific ideas on Paris’ best chocolate. Stay tuned for more on this 😉


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