French Open 2010: Gorgeous Athletes in a Gorgeous City

I’m not one for passively watching a sports match unravel. Something about it makes me feel guilty and jealous for sitting and watching and not participating. Watching soccer to me is like watching the inner workings of an ant farm. There is something so compelling and gladiatorial about tennis though, especially singles tennis. Just two men or women jumping, grunting, springing, sobbing, all beneath the silent eyes of hundreds of spectators in the stands, breathing in the athletes’ sweat and stress. It’s pure. It’s beautiful.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that most of the players are pretty easy on the eyes. Although the glorious Juan Martin del Potro, with his albatross wingspan and intense Argentine gaze, is not gracing the courts this year due to a wrist surgery, there are plenty of lookers still in the running. Federer has advanced, obviously, as has Nadal and Djokovic. On the courts now are France’s Tsonga (ranked 8th), Great Britain’s Andy Murray (4th), and Spain’s Fernando Verdasco (7th). Still to play is Robin Soderling (5th), or as I like to call him Sodding Soderling for defeating my beloved Rafa last year in the 4th round!

Can the Great Nadal redeem himself after last year’s poor performance? The four time French Open Champion will face the blonde Aussie Lleyton Hewitt (28th) in the 3rd round.

Sadly, Monfils is out! The French darling lost in a wearying 5 set match yesterday to Italy’s Fognini.

For the women, Serena (1st, pictured above) and Venus (2nd) have advanced as has Maria Sharapova (12th).

Still to play today is the Russian beauty Elena Dementieva (5th, pictured above).

DREAM FINALS: In a perfect world, I would have Federer up against Nadal (no Nadal’s slaying of Federer at the 2008 finals was not enough for me), and Venus against Serena in the final round.  It’s totally unoriginal but I simply can’t resist the idea of the refined perfection of Federer contending with the caveman intensity of Nadal and the natural sibling rivalry of the Williams sisters. Fingers crossed!

Practical Info: The tournament runs until June 6th at Roland Garros. For directions and ticketing visit the official site

Hot Tip: If you can’t make it out to the courts this year, head to Hotel de Ville where the city has set up huge screens for Parisians and passerby to watch the matches. Grab some baguette and a bottle of wine and make a picnic of it!

2 Responses to “French Open 2010: Gorgeous Athletes in a Gorgeous City”
  1. To be in Paris and experience the energy at this event would be a lovely thing. Thanks for the images. Have a beautiful weekend!

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