Gossip Girl comes to Paris

It’s my favorite guilty pleasure, my switch-off moment of the week. The clothes, the colorful tights, the gorgeous handbags, the hair! The Upper East Side and its gala events! The Chuck Bass, that enticing caricature, decadent hotel mogul in purple robes! (We have our own hotel moguls here at CheckYourRoom, but goddammit they never wear silk pajamas. Where did we go wrong). Gossip Girl is my escape into the mad, mad world of billionaire housewives and heirs without morals. The New York of Park and Fifth, of private schools and townhouses, of beige coats and baby-blonde Carolyn Bessette hair, Frick benefits and Vera Wang. Come on, I know I’m not alone – and that some of you gentlemen out there “don’t watch it”, too!

Well guess what – the Upper East Side is coming to Paris for two episodes. Season 4 will kick off right here in the City of Lights. In fact, the season 3 finale is titled “Last Tango, then Paris”… You can watch a preview on the CW’s website. And good god, what a teaser!

New York Magazine reports that one of the show’s creators has already come to Paris to scout for filming locations. She mentioned high fashion (Avenue Montaigne, anyone?), ritzy restaurants (which will they choose?) and chic nightclubs (our money is on le Montana and le Baron). And I would absolutely picture Chuck downing some scotch at the Prescription. As for their stay, I think the writers should be consistent and have them book through this hip little jewel of a website (ours, naturally). These characters would love CYR 😉 And Blair would want to know exactly what her hotel room would look like!

I have to say I’d love to spot these guys around town. I’m also curious to see how they will portray the city – and whether they’ll capture glitzy Paris as well as they do Manhattan.

I’ll leave the final word to co-creator Josh Schwartz, who says it all. When asked about this decision to film in Paris, he simply answers: “What city is more glamorous?” Why, thank you, Josh!

xoxo, Loulou.

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