Karl Lagerfeld x Diet Coke: one bottle, two icons

Lagerfeld ad Coke CheckYourParis

The ad is suddenly all over Paris streets: on our newspaper kiosks, in subway stations, at our bus stops. Diet Coke by Karl Lagerfeld. It’s the designer’s latest high-profile collaboration, and it’s a fitting one. He’s been an ardent advocate of Coca-Cola Light (as it’s known here in France) ever since he lost those 90 pounds in the early naughties. And for this campaign, he’s done it all – from designing the bottle to shooting the ad to dressing the model (Coco Rocha wears Chanel and Lagerfeld’s very own tie clip). His trademark black and white, plus a splash of pink – it’s a fun color scheme!

Karl Lagerfeld Coke CheckYourParisThe limited-edition aluminum bottles are a Paris exclusive – you can snap them up at the Colette store or on Colette’s website. If you’re a Karl fan, if you’re looking for something hip to bring to a party, or if you want a unique gift to bring back from Paris – this could be just the thing.

Mostly you’ve got to admire Karl’s panache, and his sense of the iconic. He’s knowingly become a sort of Paris mascot – white ponytail, dark glasses, fingerless gloves and all. He draws crowds of young hipsters wherever he goes. He gives the most outrageous quotes. And everything he touches becomes a sort of mini-me… Not without a certain sense of humor.

Karl Lagerfeld CheckYourParis

Karl Lagerfeld CheckYourParis

Footnotes – Colette, temple of avant-garde cool, is at 213 rue Saint-Honore in the 1st. 3.50 euros for one limited-edition bottle, 60 euros for the box set that includes a Lagerfeld bottle opener.


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