Paris in bloom: strolling around the 5th

Because I’m going to argue that spring is Paris’ best season.

Exhibit A: a walk in the Jardin des Plantes

CheckYourRoom Paris 5th

There were tourists; there were also local kids taking a study break in this gorgeous park of the 5th arrondissement.

CheckYourRoom Paris 5th

Jess already wrote a wonderful piece – with fantastic pictures – on the Natural History Museum that lies inside one of the garden’s buildings. It’s definitely worth a visit. As for the garden, I think it speaks for itself.

CheckYourRoom Paris 5th

CheckYourRoom Paris 5th

There was glamour…

CheckYourRoom Paris 5th

There was some old-school fun, with children dropping by after school…

CheckYourRoom Paris 5th

And there were old friends sharing secrets.

CheckYourRoom 5th Paris

Walk around the alleys, admire those cherry blossoms and drink up the sun – a perfect afternoon.

Exhibit B: the Paris Mosque patio

Just a few steps from the garden lies Paris’ Great Mosque – a city favorite.

CheckYourRoom Paris 5th

More than a haven for the faithful, it also boasts a classic hammam or Turkish bath… And a café that is just a piece of heaven when it is sunny out.

CheckYourRoom Paris 5th

Try their mint tea and Middle Eastern pastries under the trees. The almond horns (cornes de gazelle) are a classic, but I have a soft spot for the sticky red confection drenched in honey – sort of like a pretzel on a sugar high, and shot with orange blossoms. The atmosphere on the patio is soft and relaxed, and the mix of those tiles underfoot and the leaves overhead is simply enchanting.

CheckYourRoom Paris 5th

Need I any more proof? I rest my case. Paris is at its best just now.


Jardin des Plantes – 36 rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire in the 5th

Grande Mosquee de Paris – 39 rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire in the 5th. 2 euros for tea or coffee; 6.50 euros for a plate of three pastries.

4 Responses to “Paris in bloom: strolling around the 5th”
  1. Beautiful! Makes me wish I was there right now! Going to share with our students ~ thanks!

  2. Lovely post – truly. It is a dream of mine to visit Paris during the spring. Thank you for the photos – they are a perfect. I especially love the image of just the two pairs of feet. Fantastic! I do remember walking through the Jardin des Plantes during the summer and loving it even then. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a lovely first day of May in Paris!

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