Remedy of choice

There are weeks like this – when by the time Friday rolls around you’re simply beat, weighed down from days of hard work and frantic running from place to place, eyes prickly from early alarm clocks, brain addled by the neverending to-do list. It ain’t easy being freelance!

Well I’ve found a new refuge for when I get to that point where I need a real breather, an evening of comfort and luxury. It’s called the Prescription, and it’s a fitting name if I ever saw one – the best remedy for the burnt-out among you… And a wonderful hangout for the discerning rest. Speakeasy style has come to Paris, and it is a joy to behold.

First, because the atmosphere is lovely, particularly if you make it there before the crowds. Plop down on one of the cozy couches and take it in – it’s plush but relaxed, luxe without the attitude. The bartenders are super friendly – we got in a quick chat with one of them before the place filled up, and she told us how much fun she has working there. “It’s so rare to work in a place where nobody gets on your nerves”. Rare, indeed! And with a sweet young lady like her behind the counter – all smiles and pretty vintage frock – it’s easy to see why. She sat down with my friend and I to advise us on what to order – “what alcohols do you like?” – and pointed us in all sorts of delicious directions.

And that’s the foremost reason why you should drop by next time you’re looking for a pick-me-up, or for a tasty nightcap in classy surroundings. These are some serious cocktails. Dense, fresh, and full of flavor. The mixologists – with the Prescription and its sister establishments, the Experimental Cocktail Club and Curio Parlor, I believe this New Yorkism officially made its entry into Paris vocabulary – the mixologists, I was saying, will taste-test every drink with a tiny straw before serving it to you. And here’s the star behind the bar: a young Englishman who mixes like he dances, all rhythm and smooth moves!

I’ll gladly admit I’m not a cocktail person – I usually find them too sweet, or too watery, and I don’t like fruity flavor mixtures. I’m one of these boring single-spirit types: I’ll have wine, or beer, or a glass of champagne. But these habits went out the window with my first taste of Prescription’s Very Old Cuban – a fresh (and better) take on the ubiquitous mojito, finished with a splash of champagne. For a taste of the classics, we also tried a delicious and robust mint julep. For fans of the spectacular, one creation is literally on fire – the Zombie is a flambé rum-based cocktail served to you still flaming. For the decidedly anti-cocktail, champagne is available, a whisky list upon request, and even a few non-alcoholic options.

I always leave the place happy and relaxed. A pleasure for the eyes – a 20s décor and beautiful people – ears – a choice playlist – and naturally, for your tastebuds.


The crowd is unmistakably hip and well-heeled, but without pretentiousness. The soigné setting calls for class and discretion… A bouncer guards the door after 10pm, and the place fills up around 11.

The prices are upscale but worth every penny, at 12-13 euros a drink

The address 23 rue Mazarine in the 6th

The hours 7pm-2am on weekdays, 7pm-4.30am on weekends, and we hear something about themed “pajama parties” starting 4pm on Sunday afternoons…

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  1. To find a go-to spot that allows you to relax and enjoy leisurely the end of the day is always a treat to find. This looks like a fantastic locale.

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