The 56 – Hôtel Bourg Tibourg, Paris

This “CheckYourRoom of the week” is the Room 56, a pleasure for the tactile among us. The leather-covered tables, red tasseled boudoir lights, rich velvets, silk and taffeta curtains, tiled mosaic and black granite flooring all beg to be seen, felt, and experienced.

Room 56 Checkyourroom

Room 56 isn’t only about decoration however. Enjoy complete and total relaxation with thick walls and quiet hallways. The bed is so inviting you’ll wish you could melt into it and stay there indefinitely.

The Marais, here in its western part, is an area in constant movement, perhaps the most dynamic of all of Paris. You will thus find Parisians from all origins and professions, as well as a couple of history-hungry tourists keen on discovering the medieval heritage of this area. At night, younger generations take over the many bars, restaurants and theaters of the quartier along the rhythm of the latest beats.

The Bourg Tibourg hotel stands out as a lovers’ hideaway, a seductive place to stay in one of the most beautiful quarters of Paris. It is set behind a cream-colored facade in the Marais and marked only with a discreet brass plaque and a pair of carriage lamps. Its rooms have been overhauled by superstar decorator Jacques Garcia. The hotel is a symbol of pleasure, with rich oriental tone fabrics draping its walls.

Even the sofas hint to its sensuality. Low lighting, cushions and subtle exotic scents welcome guests to this experience. Expect cosy and intimate quarters with taste, decorated with a mix of romanticism and the orient, adorned with lush gothic painting.

Bedrooms are genuinely petite, but rich with neo-romantic, neo-Gothic, and in some cases neo-Venetian swirls and curlicues. Each is quirky, idiosyncratic, richly upholstered, and supercharged with tassels, faux leopard skin, contrasting stripes, fringes, and lavish window treatments.


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