Appartement de Marie, Hôtel de Banville – Paris

This “CheckYourRoom of the week” is a 35m2 room in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, a few steps away from the Parc Monceau.

Appartement de Marie

The Appartement de Marie in the Hotel de Banville has a slight French roof, or mansard, and dominates the city from the 8th floor of the hotel.

The bedroom opens to the calm courtyard, whereas the living room stretches its view over all of Paris. The bedroom and living room are on either side of the surprising aged marble bathroom, the latter being separated from the bedroom by a curtain (the surprising (aged marble) bathroom is set between the living room and the bedroom, the latter being only a curtain away from the aged marble) at your pick. The living room lets the sunlight in through two nice dormers just above a large wooden desk.

The overall view of the city can be fully appreciated from the living room, from which the lucky guests can admire the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. In other words, this room is perfect for those seeking romance, comfort, a peaceful haven, contemporary design and a neighborhood off the beaten track.

Your room is located in the higher areas, on the edge of the 17th arrondissement. This calm, residential area attracts both families and businesspeople alike to the Espace Champerret, which holds many professional conferences, or to the financial quarter of La Défense.

The Hotel de Banville’s name is in honor of the French poet Theodore de Banville, friend of Rimbaud, Verlaine, Baudelaire and Hugo. The hotel is located in a building built in 1927 in an authentic art-deco style by architect Jerome Bellat. Bought in 1967 by the family of Marianne Moreau, today’s owner and director of the hotel (3rd generation). She has redesigned the interior with her husband, architect Laurent Moreau. The atmosphere of the hotel is strongly influenced by the characters of the owners: the freedom in the decoration, with its variations between classic paintings and design elements in the lobby and living room, can be felt throughout.

Every Tuesday evening, gathering around the piano and chimney, the owner, who just recently released a CD, transforms the lobby into an intimate jazz club when she takes over the stage along with her favorite pianist. This atmosphere of passionate music and hosting strongly compensates for the hotel’s location, which is a little bit off of the “beaten track”. Located on Boulevard Berthier in the 17th arrondissment, right on the edge of the center of Paris, it remains only 10min away from the Palais des Congres and a 15 minute walk to the Arc de Triomphe. It is in the quartier des Ternes, halfway between the calm and residential 17th and the business oriented Conference Halls that is Espace Champerret.


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