Siddhartha, the Ballet

An adaptation of Herman Hesse’s allegorical novel is currently being performed at the Opéra at Bastille. I went to the “world premiere” last Thursday night and sat in the nose bleeds since literally every other seat was sold out. The performance was powerful and stunningly beautiful, although at times the orchestral accompaniment seemed to overpower the delicacy of the dancers’ movement. Here is what the Opéra national de Paris website has to say,

“Choreographer Angelin Preljocaj draws inspiration from the founding theme of Siddharta for the original new work that he is offering the Paris Opera Ballet. He revisits the saga of the one who would become the Awakened One or Buddha, bringing a personal interpretation exploring the themes of new challenges, ordeals and sacrifices in the quest for an absolute. Moving beyond mere narrative, he reveals the torments and mysteries of a long inner journey riddled with pitfalls, uncertainties and doubts. Preljocaj shares his journey with two artists with strong personalities : Bruno Mantovani, the brilliant, young French composer, whose first work this is for the Paris Opera, and Claude Lévêque, the visual artist and scenographer, with his powerful ability to dream up new spaces for our time.”

Prices range from 5€ to 82€ and the show continues until April 18th.

Tickets can be bought online or at the Opéra ticket office.


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